Law Of Attraction Coaching- Bob Proctor’s Six Minutes To Success

Do You Have Six Minutes To Success? 

    Bob Proctor says that we all have six minutes a day to create magic in our minds.  What does this mean you may be asking yourself?  Essentially, the minds of most people living in todays society are not working at their full potential.  The power inside every human being is so much greater than we have ever been told.  In fact, since birth we have been trained and programmed to believe we have no power.  We have been programmed to believe that were ugly, dis-formed, and irrelevant in the big scheme of things.  That’s why when someone comes around and says, you do have magic in your mind, a lot of people find it hard to believe.  When you think deeply about it, what could be great then a human being?  If you deeply contemplate the human design you will realize that we are perfect in everyday. 

     Canines and other animals were built without thumbs.  Have you ever stopped to consider what the human experience would be like if we didn’t have a thumb?  Something so simple, so basic, that we take for granted all day everyday, but if we didn’t have it, we would have never created the society we have.  Every single detail of the human body has been thought out to make it the most efficient creation on the planet.  Look at the society humans have built?  When you compare us to other species we are one of the few lifeforms that can use tools and other items to create complex societies.  We were also blessed with a brain that allows us to think and reason.  A brain that allows us to create inventions that can travel to the moon and back and time the landing down to a fraction of a second. 

    Staring out at the amazing vastness of the universe one cannot help but conclude that this universe was indeed created.  Science shows us that the universe and world around us are governed by a strict set of laws and criteria.  These laws transfer over into everything we do and that’s where the Law of Attraction comes in.  Bob Proctor is one of the worlds biggest teachers of the law of vibration and attraction.  These laws govern more than just self improvement, these laws govern all things on the planet, all the time.  Bob figured this out at a young age and began applying these principles into his daily life with amazing results.  After learning and succeeding with these natural laws Bob began teaching others.  Over the years he has helped thousands of people build and create the lives they have always wanted. 

picture of law of attraction coaching    The way the Law of Attraction works is simple, whatever thought is brought into the mind, whether feared or revered, will begin to manifest itself in the most convenient ways possible.  So if there is something that you don’t want to happen in your life and you keep thinking about it, it will probably happen.  I know this sounds the opposite of what you would think but stick with me here.  The subconscious mind cannot differentiate between good or bad thoughts.  It simply takes the impression that its given and stores them in a data base.  The impression with the most power, the most repetition, and the most feeling behind it will become the dominate force in your life.  That’s why fear is such a great controller of people, because if your constantly making someone afraid, he will manifest that negative energy in other aspects of his life.  In order to free yourself from these chains of bondage, we need to begin to use this simple truth to our advantage.  If it’s true that all thoughts, whether good or bad, are slowly programing the subconscious mind, then we must change our thoughts to ones that serve us. 

    This is not a “quick fix” process, but a slow reprogramming that can be done over years and years.  Think of it this way, how long has it taken to reprogram you mind to reach the point you are at today?  If your 20 years old then the answer is 20 years.  So to change your bad programming to a form that actually serves you and makes you successful will take a long time.  Don’t worry thought it will not take 20 years to see results.  If you stick with the program you can change your thought patterns in six months or less with hard work.  The way to do this is through affirmations and adding the secret sauce.  The secret sauce is adding emotion and feeling to these affirmations.  The reason this works is because thoughts that have emotion and feeling behind them are more powerful then those that have no emotion. 

    So go ahead, get excited and begin change your mind today.  If you begin saying affirmations like “I am successful” over and over again your mind will begin to believe it.  Don’t forget to put that emotion and feeling behind the words and you will improve your results dramatically. 

  I wanted to share a great review on Bob Proctors course: Law of attraction coaching – six minutes to success review.

They also have some really great videos on the law of attraction, Bob and his other works, as well as some other great information and products. You can watch those videos on their Law of attraction coaching youtube channel

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