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Is your competition ranking above you in the Google search rankings? Are you in need of an SEO company? Let’s find out. Competition out-ranking is a common problem a lot of companies face. The worst part is you can have superior content, better social media strategy, and a better business model and still be getting outranked. The reason for this is Google’s search algorithm uses the equivalent of a math equation to rank websites based on a number of factors. These factors include the amount of unique content, inbound links, outbound links, social media, anchor text, domain age, website age, bounce rates, traffic counts, and other factors to decide where your website ranks. When it comes to anchor text, sometimes irrelevant and generic anchor texts are the most effective. A good SEO company must know the algorithm and position your companies site with as many of those positive factors as possible, but before this you must identify your customer and do keyword research to find out what your customers are searching – if it’s white label you want, check out these Best SEO companies for outsourcing services. All these factors combining together will mean good rankings for the most important keywords that will convert to sales and new customers. If you think about it, what’s the point of rankings for terms that don’t convert into profit? I have worked with Oregon Web Solutions – Portland SEO Company for years and have learned the importance of a well balanced strategy to ranking a website. I lived on the West Coast for about 10 years and then eventually moved back to New York City. My time there working with tech companies in Portland really gave me an inside to how to market your business online. There are many factors that go into ranking webpages that the average business owner just isn’t going to think about. You may be asking, what is the average business owner to do? The only two options for you to compete and outrank your competition is to go back to college and get a technology degree or hire a really good SEO Company. You may want to hire a company such as Grand Rapids SEO Company to meet all of your internet marketing needs who are excellent in technology and computer science.

One of the most popular areas of study at Universities in the United States is technology and computer science. You can search for colleges that offer a degree in computers by visiting Department of Education website College Scorecard. There you can just plug in your specific area and field of study to get a list of colleges that offer degrees in that field. You will notice that the next wave of college graduates will be even more educated in technology and computers then the current generation. If your not constantly studying the word wide web and the changes that take place everyday your going to be left behind. The current generation was born into a technological worlds and was using cell phones and iPads before they could walk. It’s hard for us exactly predict how technology may affect the future but it’s safe the say it’s only going to become a more important and commonplace in our everyday lives.

The small business owners of today need to realize that things like Yellow Book Ads and print ads in general are going to become less relevant in the future. The iPhone is essentially a device the size of a deck of cards that can access more information instantly then the biggest library’s in the world can hold. This means that if you don’t get with the times and adapt your companies advertising and marketing now your going to be left behind. That’s why I highly recommend hiring the best search engine optimization services you can afford. As I have mentioned earlier I grew up in the lower east side of Manhattan, but eventually moved to Oregon to work for a large tech company. I have now moved back to NYC to build my business and raise a family. While I was there I worked with Oregon Web Solutions on many product launches and Amazon listing and they really know how to get Google rankings. They made this white board animation video that explains what a competent SEO can do for your website.

That video is important because it breaks down the process in a company would go through to rank your webpage. Did that seem complicated to you? If it did then it’s probably best that you hire a search engine marketing company in your local area. If you understood most of that you might be technologically sophisticated enough to do your own optimization. The process is not hard but it can seem very complex and technical to people who are not very comfortable with the internet. It’s like any profession, once you learn something and do everyday you become very good at it. A company that specializes in web design is going to become very proficient and building webpages and will most likely be able to build one very quickly. If the average restaurant owner were to try to build there own webpage it would take them days and in the end it probably wouldn’t turn out there great anyways. That’s why I always reccomend outsourcing as much things as you can to skilled professionals and focusing on the things you specific niche or profession. Take the Helm NYC is here to convince startup and technology companies to move to the East Coast. In the past technology firms have seen the West Coast as the place to be but our goal is to convince you that the most resources for your company can be found in New York City. As I mentioned earlier I have used Oregon Web Solutions for my Portland SEO Services but they are not the only company out there. If you search for Portland companies you will find Portland SEO Pros, Mad Fish Digital, Greg Beddor, Jeff Peterson, and many more. The key here is to do your research and check out the websites first before you sign up. The dangerous part about these type of services is if someone does it wrong it can actually really hurt your website. Links that are built around the internet have a lasting effect and never really go away unless the site is deleted and taken down. Sure, an experience internet expert knows how to 301 redirect bad links to the new links, but the average person is not going to know how to use the Moz toolbar and do this. That means there site will be penalized by Google for having the bad link out there. There are some situations though where there are so many bad links that it can actually be impossible to bring a site back. In most cases there is a maximum number of links that can be redirected and fixed and if that threshold is surpassed then a spammed website might be permanently damaged. The link fixing software is very expensive and only a big company would have access to it so as a small business you really have no other options. I hope that helped you understand search engine marketing better and the technical nature of this work. In a lot of ways the average business owner would be served by outsourcing this aspect of their company to professionals and focusing on what they do best. If your budget doesn’t allow this then your next best option would be to go to YouTube and start watching videos until you learn enough to do the basics by yourself. I hope that helps and if you interested in bringing your startup or company to the New York City then hopefully this website will give you the tools you need. For more information, you can contact them at:

Oregon Web Solutions | Portland SEO
1717 NE 42nd Ave #3800
Portland, OR 97213
(503) 563-3028

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