Starting A New Internet Business Online

online business startup

Online Business Start-Ups

I just wanted to give a quick rundown on new businesses who are wanting to start online. We will give a few quick pointers that you should take into consideration to start on the right foot.

Key Points:

  1. Build your site on WordPress! Drag and drops or Weebly sites are really nice and easy for a beginner, but they have soooo many downfalls that I would never take one seriously. Your SEO is limited, which should be enough right there. Getting a Weebly site ranked on page one is possible, but highly unlikely for any tough keywords. Also, you don’t have control over the site! Weebly owns it if you host on them, not you. If you ever want to transfer away from the site, it is a huge pain in the ass. Avoid for long term businesses. WordPress meanwhile lets you put your site up anywhere, and many hosts, like , for this platform have built in extra functionality to help your audience grow.
  2. Consider using SEO and other digital marketing techniques Ensuring your website is optimised for search engines is essential if you want potential customers to find your brand and buy into your products. Not sure where to begin? Try contacting an internet marketing specialist such as Ram Digital who are an SEO Leek agency.
  3. Build a “social fortress”. After establishing a business internet network through an ISP such as EATEL Business (see their website here:, it is time to get social! There are hundreds of social websites on the internet. After you set up your website, get on as many of these sites as you can. The most important being Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google plus.

Break any one of these rules and you will be hurting for a long time. If you are serious, treat your business seriously and invest where money is best used. If you really want to make your business known, visit trade shows and events and speak to fellow business owners. You could even get some custom water bottles from to hand out to potential clients and customers. Even if your business is online, it’s good to get your brand known in the real world as well. Get a quality theme for your website, make sure it is mobile friendly and don’t fear paying someone good money to do what you don’t know. Being cheap will get you screwed online. Google rewards people who put time, money and effort into their websites.

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