Morrisey Video Productions Goes Global

Hawaii has become the go-to vacation destination for many across the United States. The Hawaiian people have a long history of being very accommodating to visitors of their great islands. The term “Aloha” in Hawaiian means many different things including hello, affection, and peace. On a recent trip to the Island of Oahu I experienced aloha firsthand in all my interactions with locals. Even though their Island has been vastly over developed and many locals have been pushed out of the prime centers, they still have that aloha spirit. Traditionally, surfing is a sport that is very territorial but I was treated with respect during all of our surfing sessions. The Island of Oahu is probably one of the best known surfing destinations in the entire world. During the summer the world famous Waikiki Beach turns on and thousands of surfers from all over the world converge.

Traditionally known as the birthplace of long boarding, Waikiki Beach caters to beginner to intermediate level surfers. On the North side of the island you have the legendary North Shore which is home to some of the most famous surf breaks in the world. Amongst surf enthusiasts, Pipeline is considered the best wave in the world that breaks both left and right on a very shallow reef break. The left is usually referred to as Pipeline and the left is traditionally called “Backdoor.” Every year the pro surfing circuit stops in Hawaii to close out the season with one final session which will decide who the best surfer in the world is. Another very famous wave on the North Shore of Hawaii is called Waimea Bay. This legendary big wave spot has been the home to hundreds of surf contests and even more legendary surf stories.

Every winter aspiring big wave surfers from around the planet will converge on Hawaii’s North Shore to try their luck at the most famous stretch of waves in the world. The local surfers have tried their best to regulate the surf breaks but in the end have failed to stem the tide of traveling surfers. Waikiki beach has suffered the same fate with millions of tourists visiting and surfing the longboard mecca over the years. While searching for cool surf videos on YouTube I stumbled into this amazing drone video filmed on Oahu and Molokai.

This video was filmed and produced by a Portland Oregon based company called Morrisey Video Production. Considered one of the top Portland video production companies, Morrisey is known for high-quality drone productions. This video was filmed using a state of the art new drone called the DJI Inspire X5R this video features some of the greatest drone footage I have ever seemed captured the Hawaiian Islands. The footage is so crystal clear and sharp it almost feels like your actually there in the moment. The video starts out on the famous Waikiki Beach with local surfer Michele Judy paddling out to Queens surf spot. Then, seamlessly switching to aerial view the drone follows three different longboard surfers as the cruise around the wave. From there, the video continues to follow Michele Judy and a few of her closest friends through some of the most tropical locations around the Hawaiian Islands including a beautiful secluded location on Molokai. Oh, and lets not forget about the eye handed for all of you red blooded males out there.

The Morrisey Productions crew has been known for creating mind-blowing visual masterpieces, but this Hawaii drone video has to be their best video to date. If you want to experience the visual beauty of the Hawaiian Islands as seen from a birds eye view then check out this amazing video from Morrisey Video Production.

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